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Northern Commercials (Mirfield) Limited Gender Pay Gap Report 2019


This report contains Northern Commercials (Mirfield) Limited statutory disclosure of the gender pay gap report. All companies with 250 or more employees are now required to publish their gender pay gap under new legislation that came into force in April 2017.

Employers have to publish the gap in pay between men and women on both a median basis (pay per hour based on the person ‘in the middle’ of the distribution of pay) and mean basis (average hourly pay). In addition, employers are required to disclose the distribution of gender by pay quartile, in other words splitting the workforce into four groups based on their pay and showing the proportion of men and women in each group. Employers are also required to disclose percentages of employees receiving bonuses by gender and the gender gap on bonuses.

The Gender pay gap is the difference between the hourly rate of pay of male employees and female employees (as set out in the Regulation), expressed as a percentage of the hourly rate of the male employee.

Equal Pay: UK law has, since the 1970’s, prohibited paying different amounts to men and woman who are doing ‘like work’, ‘work of equal value‘ or ‘work rated as equivalent‘ unless there is a genuine material factor for the difference. It is important to note that equal pay and the gender pay gap are not the same.

At Northern Commercials (Mirfield) Limited we welcome the government’s initiative to require companies to publish pay gaps as a step forward in legislating for equality.

Our colleague demographic is mirrored in proportion to the commercial automotive industry.   Northern Commercials (Mirfield) Limited have a male colleague base of 82.4 % and female of 17.6%.

Pay and Bonus Gap

The overall gender pay gap as at 5th April 2019 was 28.2% on a median basis (28.9% using the mean pay). This represents +10.9% adverse to the national gender pay gap for all industries which is 17.3%, median (Office of National Statistics 2019).

Due to the nature of our vehicle sales departments, our colleagues earn commission for trucks and vans that are sold. Commission is treated as bonus for the purpose of this calculation. The bonus (predominantly commission based) pay gap is 84.4% mean and 0% median which is because our sales teams are male dominant. 

Proportion of colleagues receiving a bonus

This shows 6.8% difference in the number of men and women who received a bonus for the reporting period. 

Pay Quartile

This chart illustrates the gender distribution across Northern Commercials (Mirfield) Limited in four quartiles.

From the analysis our gender pay gap has arisen because we have a lower proportion of women across all pay quartiles.  We are committed to addressing diversity and are approaching this in a number of ways including: Reviewing our recruitment and selection processes and promoting our company as an inclusive business that strives to be fair and an employer of choice to all.

In addition, to support a further reduction in the gender pay gap, we are also focused on talent development and succession planning to ensure we continue to provide equal opportunities for both women and men to achieve their full potential.

The abovementioned initiatives and further discussion across the organisation should help Northern Commercials (Mirfield) Limited to reduce its gender pay gap.


We confirm that the data reported is accurate and in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

For and on behalf of

Northern Commercials (Mirfield) Limited

Roger Peel

Managing Director

This story was posted on Tuesday 18th February 2020 4:50pm.

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